Carterton Town Centre – latest

More Opportunities for the Town Centre

These are illustrative plans showing how the area in front of the Town Hall might be refurbished and how stronger links could be made between the new stores and existing retailers. Please note these plans are only ideas at this stage. There will be no development unless funding is secured and a public consultation has taken place.

The Carterton Fast Forward Town Centre Working Group has re-formed to undertake work on the town centre, both in the short term, particularly in relation to the forthcoming Morrisons planning application, and in the longer term to consider further stages of development as the economy permits. The Group has met several times and has been working closely with the Planning Policy Department of West Oxfordshire District Council. A set of ‘Development Principles’ for Carterton Town Centre has been produced and we are keen to have comments on them. Please click here to download and send comments to Catherine Chater, Town Hall, Carterton, OX18 3JL, email

The District Council has also included the principles in its Draft Local Plan. To view this document, which outlines the District Council’s proposed policies for Carterton Town Centre, go to

There will be a public meeting on the evening of November 22nd to inform the wider community of developments in the town centre and get some feedback on their views.

Go Ahead for Carterton Superstore

A food store planning application which is being seen as a catalyst for town centre growth in Carterton has been unanimously approved by West Oxfordshire District Council’s planning committee.

Councillors felt that the proposed development would help improve the town’s retail offer, create new jobs, and attract further investment in Carterton town centre.

The application, made on behalf of Morrisons, is to build a 40,000 sq ft superstore, a new 219 space car park and ten dwellings with associated landscaping and access.

The superstore, which will be just off the Black Bourton Road, will be on the redundant former market site and the site of the nursing home, which is soon to be relocated to a purpose-built facility on Milestone Road.

The opportunity to redevelop Carterton town centre was key to determining the planning application, and developer funds were also negotiated by Council planners for a number of significant town centre improvements, under an s106 (planning gain) agreement.

Click on this link Morrisons Latest Plan to view the latest plan in more detail.

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